About Ted's Webs

Ted's Webs is in the business of designing a web that is for everyone. For it should be for everyone.  Information is valuable: The right information in the right hands can change lives.

There is a direct nexus between the web and information in the 21st Century. Information empowers researchers, customers, businesses, schools, and society as a whole. The Web is increasingly the vehicle of choice for delivering this information.  Relentless advancements in storage capacity, processing power, and transmission cables are dramatically reducing the price barriers to an online presence.

The contributions that Ted's Webs makes to all of this are two-fold. First, take a look at my ever expanding template library. I build everything from small scale static websites that are a few pages, to fully dynamic websites using content management systems (CMS). My websites are built using CSS, XHTML, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL. Through the art of hand coding and the integration of many technologies, every website built by Ted's Webs is intuitive, clean, and unique.

Second, take a look at my  blog on the information challenges of our day. This blog is an enthusiastic attempt to track the connections between technology and information, and how those interconnections are reshaping librarianship, publishing, and the information business as a whole.


About Ted